About the Alpaca Tracks Farm

Our farm began as a dream.

In 2007, Kathy traveled to Peru where she spent three months volunteering at an orphanage. During her time there, she fell in love with alpacas and products made from their lush fibre.

At the time, we were both working as teachers. As it happened, there was an alpaca farm on the way to work. Every day, we drove past it, admiring the herd.

Kathy spent a lot of time online to learn about alpacas and how to care for them. Together, we visited farms and got to know the animals. We discussed it and Corinne agreed—we’d adopt two alpacas. But life had other plans and we ended up adopting eight—three of whom were pregnant!

We quickly got to work, clearing brush and building a barn on our property. Kathy grew up on a dairy farm and drew upon that experience. We read everything we could find, joined Alpaca Ontario, and learned as we went.

Life on the Farm

Our alpacas live at our farm in Oxford Station, Ontario, where they enjoy roaming their pasture and grazing on sweet grass. When the sun is out, the herd is out basking in it…even on cold winter days.

Running an alpaca farm means making sure the herd is fed and safe and healthy. Our chores vary depending on the season. In summer, we make sure the alpacas are cool with lots of fresh water to drink…and soak in. In winter, we clear paths in the snow, chip away ice and ensure the herd is warm.

Every spring we shear our alpacas so they are cool for the summer months. Shearing day is the most important day of the year. It’s a busy day for us, and a joyous day for the alpacas—they’re always glad to be free of the heavy coats that kept them warm over the winter!

After we shear, it takes about a month for Corinne to sort and class the fibre by micron, by colour and by length. Once the fibre is sorted and classed, we send it away to be milled into yarn.

alpacas sitting and lying down in a snowy field


Interested in Buying Alpacas?

If you’ve done your research and are confident that you will be a responsible alpaca owner, please contact us for more information on purchasing an animal. We’ll invite you to spend a day at our farm so you can get to know the herd and what it’s like to care for them. After purchase, we’ll stay in touch to answer questions and make sure you have all the information you need to raise happy and healthy animals.

If you’re interested in buying alpacas, please Contact Us for more information.

Can I Visit the Farm?

Alpacas are sensitive animals and count on us to provide a safe environment for them. For that reason, our farm is not open to the public.

If you’re interested in purchasing an alpaca or you would like to volunteer at the farm, please Contact Us for more information.

3 alpacas behind a fence