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Established in 2008, Alpaca Tracks T(h)read Lightly is a small alpaca farm located in Oxford Station,

We’re the owner-operators Kathy Enright and Corinne Côté and we started the farm after traveling to
Peru and falling in love with the graceful alpacas that dotted the countryside.
It didn’t take long for our passion project to blossom into a livelihood that keeps us on our toes and
smiling seven days a week.

Today, we sell high-quality alpaca garments, accessories and household items made by local
craftspeople and fair-trade artisans in Peru. You’ll also find alpaca yarn, craft supplies, and home and
garden giftware in our shop!

You can shop online or visit our charming retail location at 318 St. Lawrence Street, Merrickville,



When you shop at Alpaca Tracks,  you’re supporting a small local business.

Thank you for being here!


                     At Alpaca Tracks T(h)read Lightly, we’re committed to:

  • Treating our animals with care and compassion, ensuring       they           live their best alpaca lives.
  • Crafting high-quality luxurious products in an environmentally and         socially responsible manner.
  • Importing fair-trade items from Peru with the intent of keeping the         wealth of traditional Peruvian artisan knowledge and practices               alive, while artisans are paid a fair wage.
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Meet Our Team

Kathy Enright


Growing up on a dairy farm, Kathy has always loved animals. She first discovered alpacas when she traveled to Peru to volunteer at an orphanage in 2007. While she was in the country, she fell for the adorable animals and the incredible garments that local artisans created from their fibre.


Back in Canada, Kathy couldn’t get alpacas off her mind. When she learned they could thrive in Canada, an idea took root. Kathy started researching alpacas and visiting farms across eastern Ontario. After a little convincing, Corinne agreed that they could adopt two alpacas…and Kathy returned with eight alpacas, three of whom were pregnant!

And the rest is history.


In the day-to-day work of running the farm and shop, Kathy embraces her curiosity and inner calm. A former teacher, Kathy loves to share information about alpacas with customers and teaching fibre arts workshops at our shop in Merrickville.


Although she was shy growing up, Kathy routinely pushes past her comfort zone to live life to its fullest. Her adventurous spirit has led her and Corinne on journeys across Canada, as well as western Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Guatemala, Mexico—and of course, Peru!

Corinne Côté


A true renaissance woman, Corinne approaches the business of running a farm and shop with curiosity and a can-do attitude. Since starting Alpaca Tracks, Corinne has learned countless skills—everything from home renovations to mending fences, building furniture and more. But not electrical work. She’s learned to leave the electrical to the professionals!


Once we decided to start the farm, Corinne threw herself into the local alpaca community to learn all she could about raising these beautiful creatures. Corinne volunteered for the Alpaca Ontario Board, and trained to become a certified alpaca fleece sorter and classer.


No two days are alike on the farm, and that’s fine with Corinne. She loves the dynamic and challenging nature of being an entrepreneur. She’s equally at home in the barnyard and chatting with customers in the shop.


When she’s not working, Corinne loves to travel, meet new people and experience different cultures. Peru is one of Corinne’s favourite destinations, with its exceptional scenery and amazing cuisine. Closer to home, Corinne is planning to renovate a cargo van so she and Kathy can further explore Canada, the country she’s proud to call home.

Susan Andrews

Alpaca Caretaker

A life-long animal lover, Susan was a professional horsewoman at several local stables before turning her attention to alpacas. She enjoys caring for our easy-going alpacas, who remind her a teeny bit of Muppets. She’s also pretty sure that their humming and grumbling noises may have inspired the sound effects for some of the otherworldly creatures in Star Wars!


Born in Germany and raised in Ottawa, Susan now lives just down the road from our farm. Her daily routine includes feeding the herd breakfast and cleaning the grounds in the morning. Susan returns in the afternoon to refresh their hay and water…and clean some more! A caring and observant person, Susan gets to know every animal in the herd, monitoring their mood and health to make sure they’re living their best alpaca life.


Susan loves the variety in alpaca fibre, and often tries to puzzle out whose fleece contributed to which skein of wool. Puzzles are an enduring theme in Susan’s life—she even composed crossword puzzles professionally when she lived in British Columbia in the 90s!

Sandy Archibald

Alpaca Caretaker

Living just down the road from our farm in Bishops Mills, Ontario, Sandy helps to care for our animals. Every Tuesday morning, Sandy feeds the alpacas, provides fresh water, mucks out their stalls and enjoys being one of the herd.

Sandy has always loved alpacas. There’s just something about their open faces, soulful eyes and graceful movements that makes it seem like they’re floating. Their gentle demeanor and ethereal presence captivate Sandy’s soul, fostering a profound connection that’s rooted in respect.


After a career spent working a variety of high-pressure frontline jobs, Sandy has embraced retirement with open arms, pursuing her many interests. She enjoys reading, quilting, skating, playing piano and raising chickens. She’s also a competitive racewalker, and founding member of the Bytown Walkers Club.


When she’s not taking care of the herd, Sandy enjoys exploring Canada with her husband in their camper van, coaching and competing with the Bytown Walkers, and spending time with her children and awesome grandsons, Arlo and Wesley!

Lori Dalton

Merrickville Shopkeeper

Lori lives on a small farm nestled in the countryside just outside of Merrickville, Ontario. Here, she tends to a menagerie of creatures—chickens, ducks and guinea fowl, as well as Mr. Bo Jangles the horse and Summer the donkey. In her gardens, Lori cultivates a vibrant array of vegetables and flowers, which her daughter transforms into artisanal preserves and delightful jellies.


Warm and outgoing, Lori welcomes all who visit our Merrickville shop. Whether locals or tourists, Lori delights in engaging with every visitor, hearing their stories and sharing the rich history of the building and the village.


Lori thinks alpacas are just the cutest, charmed by their adorable faces and practical nature. She’s fascinated by the diverse fibres they produce, ranging from velvety soft to rugged and resilient, and boasting a rich kaleidoscope of hues.

When she’s not chatting with customers or creating tantalizing displays in the shop, Lori enjoys reading, painting, the intricate art of wood burning and crafting whimsical fairy gardens.

Catherine J.

Machine Knitting Maven

Catherine is a versatile artisan who works in a variety of crafting techniques, including knitting, sewing and designing felted jewellery. Her mother was a Home Economics teacher who shared a wealth of skills with Catherine from a young age. With a robust foundation in the crafting arts, Catherine finds inspiration in everyday life and from fellow crafters on Pinterest.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Catherine dusted off her knitting machine and began knitting shawls and other garments for our shop. When designing garments, Catherine likes to think outside the box, adding design elements that elevate each piece into a wearable work of art.


Catherine adores working with alpaca fibres. She considers alpaca wool to be the Cadillac of wool because it is beautiful and luxurious, yet comfortable and easy to care for.


Catherine’s creative life is rounded out by her many crafting endeavours. She loves experimenting, and has recently started wool painting. In the summer months, when Catherine isn’t crafting, she’s usually in the garden, nurturing her connection with nature and reveling in the peace that comes from working with soil.

Ken Richardson

Hand Knitting Master

Ken embarked on his naval journey at the young age of 17, enlisting in the Navy as a naval storesman. His naval career took him around the world—Italy, the Artic Circle, Buenos Aires, the Caribbean and more. After 37 years, Ken retired as a Chief Petty Officer 1st Class.


One constant of Ken’s youth were the socks his mother lovingly knitted for him. Even when he was in the Navy, Ken’s mother would knit and ship warm wool socks wherever he was stationed.  When his mother’s arthritis made it impossible to continue, Ken learned the craft himself, and quickly collected a binder of patterns.


Ken enjoys knitting with alpaca yarn because of its cozy warmth and luxurious texture. Many of the mittens, hats, cowls and wrist warmers on our shop shelves are the result of Ken’s meticulous handwork.


When Ken isn’t knitting, he volunteers as a driver for local senior citizens. He also enjoys empire-building video games, stays informed in current affairs and serves as the treasurer of the NATO Veterans Organization of Canada.

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